Udyr, The Master of Elements (Version 2)

Udyr, The Master of Elements (Version 2)

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This is a Skin for the Udyr skin project! A major work that goes as far as to even change the animations. I'm no artist so not everything turned out as I would have liked but for now this is the best I can do.

Special thanks to Byakko for his Tundra mod that made my work possible and thanks to Muamer for uploading it. =3

Changes to be made

- Water icon. A bit more bulky then I'd like. Looking for a better icon style to use.

- Earth skin. I ended up using the furry texture as it was the most fitting I could make work. If someone could redo it for me to have a rough, spiky texture, much appreciated.

- New load screen picture. If I make it it won't be too special but I plan on it.

I hope you like it and I hope to improve it over time. ^^

Tiger - Wind
Turtle- Water
Bear - Earth

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