Force of Nature

Force of Nature

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Just some partial re-textures for the Primal Udyr skin. Now we have some (kind of) bears, tigers, phoenices and turtles playing around on the Fields of Justice.

Particles folder included, no other graphic change (this mean there is no loadscreen or icons) because I found no really nice picture to add on it...

Enjoy. This will replace both "Classic Udyr" and "Blackbelt Udyr" ("Yellow Gi Udyr") with the same version. The "Primal Udyr" one will be intact (still human).

Also, there are two packed version. Place them on the same folder and extract ONLY the ".part1". This will automatically extract both.

This has been reposted due to the last pack having some issues that wouldn't let the skin be used properly. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. This is now properly tested.

Visit "Skinny's Skinctory" ( for more skins, requests, comments, critics and feedback. See you there!

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