Karma The Blind AVATAR by ZixDays

Karma The Blind AVATAR by ZixDays

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For some days ago i begun to play karma and i found out what a hell of a carry she is with guinsoo rageblade, but who wanna play a dps that look like karma. So here it is! THE BADASS KARMA!

I actually had a new soundfile that made Karma sound like Lee Sin but the file was to big (270mb). So you can just turn of the character sounds in the option menu ingame, else it will be retarded with a Lee Sin sounding like Karma.
But if you really want the Lee Sin sound then do like this.
1. Download fsbext here http://ultrashare.net/hosting/fl/65f2fd1f3d/fsbext
2. Unzip the file and put the unzipped files in c:\fsbext
3. Make a folder inside c:\fsbext that is called SOUNDS
4. Go into C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\game\DATA\Sounds\FMOD and copy VOBank_en_US.fsb
5. Place the file in c:\fsbext
6. Open cmd and type cd.. and then again cd.. and then cd fsbext
7. Now type fsbext -d SOUNDS VOBank_en_US.fsb
8. Download this file http://www.2shared.com/file/YU_iqY_J/NEWSOUNDS.html
9. Unzip and put all the files that is in NEWSOUNDS in c:\fsbext\SOUNDS
press yes if it ask if you wanna replace.
10. Type fsbext -l -s output.dat VOBank_en_US.fsb in cmd
11. Now type fsbext -s output.dat -d sounds -r newsounds.fsb in cmd
12. Rename the new file that is called newsounds.fsb to VOBank_en_US.fsb
13. Make a backup of the file VOBank_en_US.fsb in
C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\game\DATA\Sounds\FMOD
14. Replace the file you made backup of in the FMOD folder with the new VOBank_en_US.fsb
from c:\fsbext.
15. HAVE FUN! Now karma will sound like Lee Sin.
To make the sound to the original file then just replace the new VOBank file with the
backup file.

Annoying? Huh. Im not so good at explaining but there you got it!


BY ZixDays

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