[DH22] Almost Human Orianna

[DH22] Almost Human Orianna

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A recolour of Orianna's Gothic skin. My fourth skin! ((I'm gonna keep on doing that until my fifth skin))

Note: I did not include a replacement for the Ragdoll Orianna, because I don't know how to work those files, so if you know how, please tell me :D

Comments and constructive criticism welcome. ((And votes. Votes are most certainly wanted.)) ;)

This Pack includes:

-A Classic Orianna Replacement
-A Gothic Orianna Replacement
-A Loadscreen
-Ball Particles
-Auto attack particles.... wait... what? I didn't include autoattack particles, but there there anyway. So enjoy!


How to install:
1.Go to http://forum.leaguecraft.com/index.php?showtopic=31502 and follow installation instructions.
2.Download this skin, extract somewhere.
3.Open the Orianna folder.
4.If you have a skin, select which skin you want to be replaced.
5.Open Skin Installer Ultimate and click the Skin Installer Tab
6.Click add directory, and select the appropriate folder.
7.When you're done, insert the skin name (Almost Human Orianna), Author (demonheart22)
8.Select Add to Database.
9.Check the skin box, press the Install button, and enjoy your new Orianna Skin!


*Update 1* ~ Added screenshot of auto attack particles.

*Update 2* ~ Removed some of the installation steps, as the Skin Installer Ultimate now automatically installs the Skin without having to add all the folders one by one. ((Thanks for telling me lordgreggreg))

*Update 3* ~ Included SIU info, which automatically puts in the skin name, skin author, and skin description. Also my example picture as the, well, example picture! ((Credits go to lordgreggreg))

*Update 4* ~ Lots of complaints about Orianna skins not working. It is fixed now, ((I think)) hope you enjoy the skin!


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